The #LetNannoPlay Movement to change FIFA Article 19

Barca Camp Nou

In late September 2015, Penya Anguera alerted the Lugo family that Nanno would be able to practice but not play in any matches, because the Catalana Federation of Football has not approved Nanno’s license to play. The federation was basing its decision on FIFA Article 19, which requires a long list of documents to approved foreign born players under the age of 16, in some cases, 18. Children who relocate for reasons other than footballing should be allowed to play. Article 19 was enacted by FIFA to prevent trafficking of children for footballing reasons. However, thousands of children who relocate with parents or legal representatives are being told by clubs that the federation will not approve licenses.

Nanno’s case is one of thousands. There are other children who are currently not approved (licensed) to play in organized football matches, not only in Catalunya (Barcelona), but throughout Spain and other countries.

The #LetNannoPlay movement is a movement to change FIFA ARTICLE 19. A clause or amendment is needed. The movement is identified by a hashtag slogan #LETNANNOPLAY.