The #LetNannoPlay Campaign to Change FIFA Takes Flight

Familia soporte a #Nanno17 y la campaña #LetNannoPlay

Marianno Nanno Lugo, the eight year old child, who is taking on the sport giant FIFA is starting to get supporters sending emails, texts and Facebook selfie messages from all of the world.

The American-Costa Rican child started to his own hashtag campaign after his parents told him that he will not be allowed to play in the Penya Barcelonista’s ( as in FC Barcelona) weekly matches. FIFA’s Article 19 is requesting tons of paperwork and documents from children who are playing more than 50 kilometers from their home.  In Marianno’s case, he was born in Costa Rica and now lives in Barcelona with his parents.

His father is an American born citizen with Puerto Rican heritage and his mother is from Costa Rica and has Italian heritage.  “We chose to live in Barcelona for two reasons. One the quality of life and two to start a business in the city which set a good balance for our app development business at the time”, said Mark Lugo, Marianno father. “Nanno has loved football since a really young age.  Football is a big part of the Costa Rican culture.  And FIFA is stopping him playing the sport he loves.  Unbelievable!”, he added.

“Nanno has loved football since a really young age.  Football is a big part of the Costa Rican culture.  And FIFA is stopping him playing the sport he loves.”

The sharply creative child is counting on his parents to help him put together a campaign that will get FIFA’s attention and make the necessary changes to Article 19.  He is currently writing a children’s book and planning other activities that will include the hashtag he created #LetNannoPlay.  “I will use social media to drive my campaign”, said Nanno. “I am eight years old. We use that stuff you know and it’s free”,  he said jokingly.  Nanno reads and writes English, Spanish and Catalan.   He plans to deliver the campaign in all three languages. He wants everybody to understand that FIFA has taken away the rights of children to play football (soccer).

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